For saints to Abide (remain) connected to the Vine. Jesus Christ is the Vine & we need to stay connected to Him.grapes image

First, obey what Christ is instructing us to do.

Second, trust what Christ has told us.

Third, Do it

The Greek word for Abide is “Meno” meaning to remain or stay. Jesus said, He is the vine and we (believers) are the branches. Those that remain (Abide) in him and Christ abide in them then they will produce much fruit. For without Him (Christ), we can do nothing.

So if believers join to Him and His Words remain (abide) in them. They may ask any request of God and it will be granted. Therefore believers are encouraged to remain in the vine for if they cannot produce fruit they will be cut away from the vine.

They cannot be fruitful without the vine. The vine is Christ. Jesus said, “His true disciples produce much fruit,” Therefore abiding and remaining is the only way to be fruitful. Abiding – means to be connected to Christ Jesus. How eager are you to do things the Lord’s way?