Beatitude (Matthew 5:3-12)

Blessed are those who know that God is with them and working through them in the middle of any situation.

Bless – translates Happy and Content

True Blessedness is trusting God. They are people that are satisfied in God and Him being inside them over any circumstance.
They undetstand that happiness depends on who is in them and not on what is happening outside of them.

v3] Poor in Spirit – recognizing our spiritual bankruptcy without God and our spiritual wealth with Him.

v4] Mourning – realizing the terrible condition of Sin and being genuinely sorry for it.

v5] Gentle (Meek) – demonstrating self control, even when we are mistreated.

v6] Hungry and Thirsty for Righteousness – longing to be Holy and Pure.

v7] Merciful – showing mercy to others, just as God shows mercy to us.

v8] Pure in Heart – being singleminded and focus in our commitment to Christ.

v9] Peacemakers – sharing the peace Christ offers and allow that peace to reside with one another.

v10] Persecuted – being willing to suffer for Jesus’ sake, no matter what.

v11] Insults – wiiling to trust God no matter what is said against you because of Christ.

v11] Evil Action and Evil words – persecute you and say and do things against you , because of Christ.

v12] Rejoice and be Glad – allow joy to fill your mind and be Glad that Christ has a eternal purpose for letting this happen to you.

What makes these people blessed? They understand and show God by faith that they trust and depend on Christ being lived out through them from the inside out.