Are You 100% Sure Where You Will Go?

If I came to you and asked you a question – could you answer with complete certainty where you will go after you die? If you were to die today would you be 100% sure where you would end up for all eternity? What would you say? How would you answer these questions?Bible

Can you be sure about going to heaven or hell? Most people would be unsure. But there is no need to be uncertain. The bible has given us plenty of evidence to know for sure. The question is do you know the answer for your s

The bible speaks about heaven and hell, and no other choices can be made but these two. Do you know the choice you have made? If you have not made a choice, then you have unknowingly made one and it’s hell. Joshua said choose you this day whom you will serve.

In the Thursday’s 12/05, newspaper edition recently Billy Grahm answered a issue that a person had concerning life after death. This person thought that life ended after death therefore there was no heaven or no hell. This person believed that after death nothing exists.

Billy Grahm answered by saying, “What if you are wrong?” The worst thing imaginable would be for anyone to come to the end of their life and discover that they were deceived. Graham challenged them to face their choice concerning Jesus Christ. Look at Christ because down inside they are resisting Him.

Yes there is life after death whether you believe it or not. The bible says everyone must give account and each person must make a decision for themselves. I am urging you to look at Jesus Christ of the bible because He is the only one that can give you eternal life.

Can you know for sure where you will spend eternity? The answer is yes, you can be 100% sure. Receive the word about Christ today. It is completely up to you. In order for a gift to be fully received it must be accepted. If it is not accepted then it is of no benefit.

Will you accept the free gift of God’s only begotten Son? Trust what He did on the cross when He died for your Sin. Are you willing to do this? He is waiting for you, what is your answer, today?

Take a moment to think about your eternal relationship with God? There is a Hell you know. Just as Jesus talked about heaven, He also talked about Hell. It really exists and contrary to what anyone might think it still exists. God says the choice is yours, but be aware that the only way to get to heaven is to be sinless.
So what do you think, what will make you sinless? Can you make your self sinless? If not I suggest that you look again at God’s gift Jesus the Christ. Because he is the only sinless standard God the father will accept. Now knowing this I ask you again, What are you doing with the free gift God gave through His Son?

Are you 100% sure? Some of us are not willing to pay the cost like the husband that went to his wife and asked her what she wanted for her birthday. “Do you want a new car?” he asked. “No,” she said. “Do you want a new fur coat?” The husband asked.
“No,” the wife responds. “Do you want new diamond necklace?” “No,” she replies. “Well, what do you want?” asks the husband. The wife says, “I want a divorce.” The husband replies, “I was not planning on spending that much.”

Be very sure of your eternal destiny. Confess your heart is sinful and trust Christ’s work on the cross. Do you know for sure of your eternal destiny? Are you 100% sure?